Key elements of rugby

Biometric T-shirt

Importance of identifying all static efforts that account for more than half of the actions performed by the player (rucks, scrums, mauls)

Support imbalance

This indicator helps identify in real time, during match or training if some players are imbalanced.. Each player has an imbalance of his own, the important thing is to watch the change of this imbalance.


Two tools allow identification of the different impact received by the athletes. Thanks to the GPS inertial unit, we can isolate the main impact. By connecting our sensor we can calculate the force and the number of head  impacts which causes many concusions.

Rugby has been using GPS for years to calculate the workload of players in training or in games. Athletic trainers rely mainly on acceleration and speed data.

Many high energy-intensive game phases are not recognizable with a simple GPS. (scrums, rucks, mauls)

The true Mac-Lloyd revolution is to wear a smart t-shirt that harnesses the player’s cardio data, avoiding the physical discomfort caused by a simple cardio belt.

Always pro-active in adapting to the particularity of each sport, we have developed a system to identify impact to the head with a concussion sensor that is placed behind the ear. It complements the inertial unit, internal to the GPS case that already harvests all body shock felt by the player.

The Rugby system

Biometric T-shirt

No more wearing the cardio belt which drops during the game.
Ultra-precise heart rate calculation
Calculation of internal energy spent
Individualization according to the player’s profile

Concussion sensor

Analysis of head trauma


Real-time analysis of the vertical acceleration of each step which can warn athletic trainer of the risk of potential injury.

Measurement of high-intensity impacts


  • IMU : 12 AXIS
  • PRECISION : A 1/1000 g
  • AMPLITUDE : +/- 100 g

The best GPS tracker in Stadium


The Mac Lloyd stadium tracker is a concentrated of technological excellence com- bining a very high quality signal capture, even in semi-enclosed stadiums, with the highest precision. It is waterproof, robust and ergonomic to wear for a GPS/GNSS system. It is the reference sensor in soccer, rugby, football and base- ball.


Union Argentina Rugby
Racing Metro 92 - Top 14 France - Europe Cup Finalist
Castres Olympique - France Top 14 Champion 2018
Section Paloise Rugby - Top 14 France
Brive Rugby - Top 14 France
Vannes Rugbt - Pro D2 France
USAP Perpignan - France Pro D2 Champion 2018
Nevers Rugby - Pro D2 France
Dax Rugby - Pro D2 France
Bayonne Rugby - Pro D2 France
Austin Elite Rugby - USA
Soyaux Angoulême - France