Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey Key elements

The only indoor system in the world

Game Live

Changes happen every 30 to 40 seconds. Therefore it is important to have an objective feedback during the match with the live mode.


Players receive more than 20 impacts  per game. Beyond their performance, knowing the strength of the impacts to protect their  health has become very important


Sprint, accelerations, collisions all repeated  action with great intensity affect the cardio-respiratory capacities of the Hockey Player. It is essential to have feedback on the heart rate of the player during the match

Indoor tracking is finally here!


Thanks to the Mac-Lloyd indoor tracker, basketball and ice hockey finally have access to the GPS technology. By positioning 6 to 12 tags around the arena, the indoor system, based on the Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology, makes it possible to restore datas with an accuracy of 4 inches.

The Ice Hockey system


The only system available in the world without using satellite. 4 inches accuracy for real time feedback.

Biometric Shirt

The e-textile tshirt identify all the cardio efforts felt by the player during the match without discomfort to the player. Coaching assistance.

Concussion sensor

Analysis of head trauma


The biometric shirt is the only system which captures cardio data in all situations (game, practice) without any bother..

  • BIOMECTRIC MEASURES CLÉS : The sensor restores the FC, VRC and breathing rhythm data.
  • RELIABLE DATA : The patented technology in silver yarn guarantees a very high quality signal during high intensity efforts.
  • SOFT ELECTRODES :Electrodes are integrated to the Tshirt for an optimal comfort
  • TECHNICAL FABRIC Thin compression fabric, dri fit, adapted to professional sport activity.