Key Football elements

Adjust Intensity Level at practice

Replicate intensity of a game by matching practice sessions with actual game day intensity level. With the precision of the LIVE, athletic trainers can adjust and customize their workout.

Injury management

One of the major problem is to avoid relapses of the players following an injury.

Managing the recovery of injured players, by analyzing their imbalance level on a day-to-day basis is one of the major challenges of an Athletic Trainer.

Tactical Analysis

Tactical and static phases analysis in dead lock games is where a difference is made. GPS Mapping allow coaches to have a 2D vision of the players positioning

The cost of injuries to athletes is incredibly high. In 2015, in the four major professional football leagues, the average cost of injuries sustained by players was estimated at $ 12.4 million per team. Each year, football teams would lose the equivalent of 10% to 30% of players’ wages due to injuries.

In other words, even a modest reduction in the number of injuries could lead to significant savings. Imagine for a moment that half the trauma experienced by professional athletes could be avoided: the savings made by men’s leagues alone would reach well over a billion dollars each year!

New tools, new game

As soon as a player gets hurt on the field, a vast protocol is put in place to promote his healing. The good news? New injuries could be avoided if the risk is identified early and the athlete follows customized corrective intervention pr

Injuries can occur for a variety of reasons including excessive physical stress, age, technique, hydration, and even climate. By identifying failure in terms of physical preparation, technique or physical intensity management, Injury Risk Monitor detects the risk of injury before it occurs. With this tool, any injury becomes a critical factor that helps to anticipate more precisely the risk of future injuries to which the player is exposed. The software also makes it possible to predict for other players a risk of similar injuries under identical circumstances.

The Football system


High quality level of our live system with real time feedback on the volume and intensity of the workout with feedback on the number of sprints and precise accelerations.

L/R imbalance

This indicator helps identify in real time, during match or training if players are imbalanced.. Each player has an individual imbalance, the main focus is to monitor the fluctuation of this imbalance.

The map

Positioning analysis of each player within 20 inches. Our 2d mapping tool allows coaches to have a broad view.

The best GPS tracker in Stadium


The Mac Lloyd stadium tracker is a concentrated of technological excellence com- bining a very high quality signal capture, even in semi-enclosed stadiums, with the highest precision. It is waterproof, robust and ergonomic to wear for a GPS/GNSS system. It is the reference sensor in soccer, rugby, football and base- ball.


OGC NICE - France League 1
Montpellier HSC - France League 1
Club Bruges - Belgium
Amiens SC - France League 1
Stade de Reims - France League 2 Champion
Royal Excel Mouscron - Belgium
Club Olimpia - Paraguay Champion 2018

To each sport, its tracker

The Mac lloyd range of products includes 3 trackers covering all sports and all usages: clubs and TV broadcasts.

Mac -Lloyd exclusivity: the Biometric Tshirt and the HIGH g sensor enhance the data.