Mac-Lloyd offers an original and unique solution to revolutionize the broadcast of sports events.

The wearable products  give access to formerly unavailable data for the viewer

The tracker adds information to what can be experienced from a video such as shock power, imbalance, jump height.

The Biometric Shirt gives internal information such as heart rate, stress, breathing …

In addition to the immersion and slow motion video technologies, encrypting these data in real time enhances the immersion of the fan in the event.


High quality Data from Mac-Lloyd trackers have can be used to enhance reality

Very Precise data

A GPS within 2-3m (6 to 10 ft) is sufficient to measure speeds and distances, but an accuracy of ½ an inch is needed to produce enhanced reality or virtual reality (3D). Only Mac-Lloyd has a technology accurate enough to successfully offer this service.

Service rate guaranteed

The interval gap is less than 1 second and 99.9% of the data is available. Mac-Lloyd has a data transmission technology that works even in enclosed arenas

The analysis of the real-time trajectories of the players on a field makes it possible to embellish the live broadcast or a second screen in fine tactical analysis. A cycling or horse race can be recreated in real time in virtual reality. The applications are limitless.

Examples of VIRTUAL REALITY Videos