Key elements of Baseball

Vamx and acceleration

In baseball  acceleration and speed capabilities can turn into a game changer. It is important to be able to test the players at practice and to give them a very accurate feedback in real time.

Throwing speed

Calculating  the rotation power of the player during his throw. A decrease in the player’s speed may indicate a form of exhaustion  and a risk of injury.

Strike force

If a baseball player were to choose only one physical quality, that would be velocity. Velocity is the ability to move from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

A game sequence in baseball lasts only a few seconds, therefore players must have a very good quality of acceleration but also a very high max speed. A precise tracking system in live is the guarantee for coaches and physical trainers to have feedback of the shape of each player at any given time.

The Baseball system

G sensor

Positionned on the bat, it calculates the power/force of the strike

Live Accel-Vitesse :

The only Live system on the market that can display more than 200 indicators on 100 players at the same time and on the same screen.With The 100% live you will save time, with this system, there is no need to charge the device.



Gyroscope 3axes :

Swing rotation speed in G’s

The best GPS tracker in Stadium


The Mac Lloyd stadium tracker is a concentrated of technological excellence com- bining a very high quality signal capture, even in semi-enclosed stadiums, with the highest precision. It is waterproof, robust and ergonomic to wear for a GPS/GNSS system. It is the reference sensor in soccer, rugby, football and base- ball.